Thursday, July 28, 2011

Meet The Brewer: Nick "The Hop Father" Armada

Q: When did you begin home brewing?

A: I began brewing in Aug. of 2010 during my brewing fundamentals course in FIU.

Q: Which beer brought you over to the craft beer side?

A: My first craft beer was Sierra Nevada Pale Ale but the beer that turned me into a craft beer man was DFH Aprihop.

Q: Which beer style is your specialty/favorite beer to brew?

A: My brewing specialty is IPA, as my brewing buddies have told me if they need a hoppy ale made they can count on me.

Q: If you were stranded on an island that had a mysterious way of keeping beverages cold and could only drink one beer what would it be?

A: I would take some Widmer Nelson

imperial Ipa

Q: Do you believe in any brewing superstitions or have any strange brewing tendencies?

A: My brewing superstitions begin and end with a whole lot of hops. The more the better.

Q: How do you feel about the South Florida beer scene?

A: The South Florida beer scene is in its infancy but I have faith that we will one day have brewing eyes upon us.

Q: Best Brewery/ Brew pub/ Beer bar you've visited.

A: Best Brewery brew pub would have to be Titanic Brew Pub by default. Bar would be Cervezas.

Q: What's the biggest mistake you've made while brewing?

A: Biggest brewing mistake was not taking sanitation as serious as it is.

Q: Any advice for new homebrewers?

A: Start brewing asap. Move up to all-grain right after.

Q: Favorite music to brew to?

A: I typically dont listen to music while brewing however some Jimmy Buffet would work.

Q: Other hobbies beside homebrewing?

A: I am an avid fisherman and I hold my own in the kitchen.

Q: If you could share a pint with someone past or present who would it be?

A: Dr. John Ewald Siebel

Q: What's on the "to-brew" list?

A: Dogfish Head Aprihop Clone with and without Apricots, Imperial Red.

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