Friday, August 5, 2011

Meet The Brewer: Le Richárd Licursi

Q. When did you begin home brewing?
A. Freshman in college with a Mr. Beer kit.

Q. Which beer brought you over to the craft beer side?
A. Sam Adams brews at first.

Q. Which beer style is your specialty/favorite beer to brew?
A. Belgian

Q. If you were stranded on an island that had a mysterious way of keeping beverages cold and could only drink one beer what would it be?
A. La Fin du Monde, Unibroue brewery

Q. Do you believe in any brewing superstitions or have any strange brewing tendencies?
A. Brew only on days that end in "Y", unless you will get sour beer. I really don’t know of any lol.

Q.How do you feel about the South Florida beer scene?
A. There are a few great places to enjoy some of your favorite beer, but you really have to look.

Q. Best Brewery/Brew pub/Beer bar you've visited.
A. The Pike Brewery in Seattle, WA

Q. What's the biggest mistake you've made while brewing?
A. While putting the Immersion chiller in the wort, I didn't tighten the hose to the chiller properly so water from the hose started pouring into my already cooling off wort.

Q. Any advice for new homebrewers?
A. Sanitize as well as you can.

Q. Favorite music to brew to?
A. Reggae

Q. Other hobbies beside homebrewing?
A. Surfing

Q. If you could share a pint with someone past or present who would it be?
A. Andy Irons

Q. What's on the "to-brew" list?
A. Mango IPA

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