Thursday, August 11, 2011

Apple Jack Ale -- The Second Coming!

It is with great pleasure to announce that on August 17th we will be pouring Apple Jack Ale at Cervezas South Miami. Apple Jack first debuted at The United Way Wine & Food Festival's Brew and Bites. It was an instant hit. We had hundreds of people asking for it by name and as you can expect was the first keg to kick.

So what is it that makes AJA a cult favorite? Ingredients.

The grain bill for AJA features a majority pale malt with light crystals. It uses 5% honey malt. This complements what we call the "Big 3," Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Apple Essence.

We add fresh crushed cinnamon sticks and split vanilla beans at the end of the boil, secondary fermentation, and at kegging. Apple Essence is added at kegging and rounds out the flavor.

The name "Apple Jack Ale" came from the glorious aromas of boiling this beer. It smelled as if we shoved our noses in a bowl of Apple Jacks Cereal. So you essentially are drinking apple pie in a glass.

Be sure to stop by Cervezas and try some.

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